Resize Image free photoshop

Resize your image with a free photoshop

Do you want to create branded content for social media or add a new photo to your website in the perfect size, but not pay for the expensive Adobe Photoshop?

There are plenty photo editing alternatives that work really well and get you all of the basic tools you need. All of them will let you resize and do the simple things, like add text or a logo, but depending on how much you want out of it, there is a lot to choose from.

For now I will explain in a few simple steps how to resize your image for a banner on your website with the free webeditor called Pixlr Editor. I have picked this one because it is one of the best ones you can use, without having to download software to your computer.

Step 1 – Create a new image

Go to and click on “Create a new image”

Resize image with free photoshop


Step 2 – Enter size

Instead of changing the size of your excisting image, we will create a new image in the size you need, and drag and drop your original image into the final one. Enter the size (in pixels) in the Width and Height fields.

Resize image with free photoshop

Step 3 – Find original image

Open the original image.

Resize image with free photoshop

Step 4 – Overview

Slide the window of your original image underneeth your final image window and click on the “Move tool” on the left.

Resize image with free photoshop

Step 5 – Drag & Drop

With the “Move tool” selected, go to the layers window on the right of your screen and drag the Background to your final image.

Resize image with free photoshop

Step 6 – Adjust size

Now you want to adjust your image called “Background copy” to your final size.
Hit CTRL+T to “transform” the image, and go to any of the tiny squares on any of the corners.
Hold shift down to resize evenly and adjust your image to the perfect size.

Resize image with free photoshop

Step 7 – Save file

Now go to “File” and save your image where you want to.

Resize image with free photoshop

Do you want to add your logo to your banner?
Do the exact same thing as before: Open, drag & drop into your final image, CTRL + T and resize holding Shift.

Tip: Use a .PNG file, these have a transparant background

Which other free photo editors are there?

Probably the most extended one is GIMP, it has layers, masks, advanced filters, color adjustment and transformations – all of which are fully customizable. You can download this for free and do a few tutorials to get to know your way around. Because if you haven’t used anything like Photoshop before, GIMP needs a bit of exploring.

Then there are a few other free photo editors that go way beyond Microsoft Paint, but are still a simpler version of Photoshop. All of these are software that you will need to download and install:

Photo Pos Pro
Pro: Intuitive (easy to use), layers and masks, retouch tools, import directly from scanner
Con: There is a limit on the size of saved files (1,024 x 2,014 pixels)

Pro: Basic so easy to use, fast, layers, easy for editing multiple photos at the same time
Con: Basic, less tools than GIMP or Photo Pos Pro

Adobe Photoshop Express
Pro: Also an app for your phone, linked to Facebook, very nice filters
Con: Veeery basic, can’t resize images