How to get the attention of future clients? New business development can be a time consuming game, but we all have to do it. Most companies do put some regular effort into their marketing. Recent projects will be added to the portfolio page on their website and shared on social media. Careful not to give too much insights about the project (competition and sensitive client info) these posts often only say “look at us, we can do work – there has been a paying customer”. The vital details of this project are not shared… but that is where the value for your client lies.

Showing expertise by sharing in depth knowledge is a highly effective way to build up the trust of (future) clients and get on their radar. For most of us there is no avoiding having to invest in new business development, whether it be by time or hiring an expert to do it for you.

“Powerful advertising is anticipated, personal, and relevant.”

Seth Godin, best selling author and marketing guru

With everything you share, think: “What’s in it for my client?” Would you remember or care about this post or email if you were in your (future) clients’ shoes? Prove your expertise by adding value to your post. So rather than sharing: “We’ve just completed this model for a wind energy farm”, you could write an article that gives “The 5 greatest successes of wind energy”.

Make it attractive

Visualizing data makes your research or info quickly comprehensible and it’s the way to give branding to your content. On top of that you will extend the reach of your post significantly. Posts with an engaging image are said to yield 40 times the interaction than posts without visuals.

Lead generation

A proven way to generate more leads involves creating a piece of content with information that is of direct interest of your target audience, and give it away for free. You create a landings page on your website and all the viewer needs to do is enter their email address to download this piece of must-have information.

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Let me share some suggestions for content:

… Publish a whitepaper with “2020’s trends in wind technology”.

… Or an infographic about bush fires 1999 vs 2019

… Or a fridge sticker with “Tips to reduce water wastage

… Or a calendar with all the bin days of 2020and some charts on which waste can’t be recycled

… Or a brochure “Ocean circulation explained

… Or a flyer “How to make soil great again

Give your target audience something fun, important and worth their time. Start sharing your knowledge, it may be a full whitepaper or a top 5 tips list, just always remember “What’s in it for them”.

Send me a message if you need a hand with setting up a lead generation campaign, content creation or a design for your presentation or proposal. In our first meeting I can share my initial assessment. You will learn which content will best match your clients and service offering.

Looking forward to learning from you!


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Gunbritt Genuit – the founder of GGraphics, is a creative director with 10+ years’ experience in the field of graphic design and marketing strategy. GGraphics specialises in designing shareable content and visualising data for proposals and reports. With clients all over the globe GGraphics has created artwork for green energy supplier ENGIE Energy, wildlife rangers LEAD Ranger, the workers union de FNV and lead generation agency MYS Marketing.