Graphic Design

Data visualisation & content creation

Attractive data visualisation means getting your message across through clear and engaging designs. Artwork that looks attractive and also converts.

At GGraphics design & strategy go hand in hand. We create templates for reports and presentations in the software you are known with and design whitepapers from scratch – in your look & feel.

content creation



A ready to go website with your unique design.


GGraphics teams up with IT and WordPress specialists aswell as copywriters to deliver a 5 star website that converts and reaches your future clients or members.

Lead generation


GGraphics specializes in artworks to support lead generation campaigns.


Informative, fun or rewarding content to gift your future clients, and in return receive their contact details. To legally and directly contact them with a personalized offer.


If you’re trying to grow your business, build your database, or simply reach a wider audience, we will create fun, informative and rewarding graphic artwork to support your campaign. Speak directly to your clients by providing valuable, defined and personalised content that engages their attention and piques their interest.

Logo Design


Logo design and brand positioning for new and existing environmental services and organisations.


By working together to understand your target audience and business goals, your new or redesigned logo will be an attractive, effective representation of your organisation.

Besides a logo GGraphics offers complete branding packages. These include business cards, social media images and brand specific artwork.

Content creation


Content creation to clearly communicate who you are, what you do and why you do it.


Professional data visualisation and engaging information. This can be any type of artwork – think brochures, whitepapers, flyers, presentations, educational materials, you name it!