10 Tips Facebook engagement

10 tips to increase engagement on Facebook

1. “Like” for left “Share” for right

A “Like” vs. “Share” post is an easy way for people to voice their opinion by engaging with your brand. In a nutshell, this post consists of two competing options. A person can “Like” the post to vote for option A or “Share” the post for option B. The “Like” and “Share” counters on the post act a a built-in vote count to see which side is winning. It also acts as social proof of the number of people participating and pushes others to join in as well.

To execute this post, create an image, that includes a side-by-side mashup of two images (with a descriptive title for each image) and a small graphic overlay that reads “Like vs. Share”. Then add a short description that reinforces how to participate and you’re done!

Or take it to the next level:
facebook blog Gold Coast


2. Keep it short

Tagging on Facebook doesn’t really work and makes your post messy. Try to keep your caption between 40 and 55 characters.



3. Give a funfact or solve a problem

Offer a oneliner with a solution to some common problems in your field.
Even if they already know if this solution they might respond tag their friend who showed them that before, it also creates an image for your business, it lets your followers know that you are the expert and will build up trust.


  • Brush your teeth right after dinner and it makes it less likely to snack before bed
  • Do you notice yourself collapsing the lower bach while holding a plank? Imagine your belly button drawing in toward the spine to make that straight plank


 4. Turn your contest into a “test”

Instead of the obvious “Like, share and win!” competition (to get more followers), turn your contest into a test.
You are likely to get more and more sincere responses.

“We are looking for 10 people to test our new yoga class. Are you, or do you know somebody who would be interested in this? Please tag! The class is at our lovely studio in Amsterdam and free for the testers.”


5. Stand out in the crowd

What really moves the needle is being distinctive. Not playing it safe. Not trying to appeal to everyone. Think of ways to share your message in a creative way.

Look at Chocolate Company’s easter post:

Facebook Gold Coast


 6. Time it right

Think about when people are on their phone, 7-9am on their way to work, 5-7pm on their way home, or around 1pm for their lunchbreak.

Research has shown highest engagement on wednesday afternoons around 3pm.

You will get least response on the weekend, but might still be worth the effort because competition is a lot lower..


7. Ask a (simple) question

This can be anything. As long as it’s a question that people are likely to respond to.


  • “Do you feel you have spent too much money on clothes in the last 6 months?”
  • “Are you a flat white or tumeric latte kind of person?”


8. Be social and share

You can, just like for your private page, share someone elses post.

Motimo is a martial arts gym and strongly believes in the philosophy behind the arts. The classes are a lot more about respect, selfconfidence and thinking things through than kicking someones ass and showing you’re the alfa male.


9. Post through Instagram

Research has proven 23% more engagement on photos shared through Instagram.


10. Use your real life followers

Are you a restaurant with regulars? Or a gym with members? Upload a photo of them and take your real life community to the online world.


I hope you can find a few facebook tips in here! If you want to learn more about social media, GGraphics does half day marketing trainings, where you will learn in a one-on-one setting about the most effective ways to reach your target market.


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