GGraphics is a one-woman-designbureau.
I am Gunbritt Genuit, a graphic designer from The Netherlands with a big passion for startups.

Getting to create new things every day is awesome. I love indulging into a project and find new ways to make, whatever the project is, stand out.

But really, the best part of freelancing is sitting around the table with my clients (or chatting through Skype!) and come up with a unique plan. Real people that are either starting their own business or are working on a project that they're passionate about. It's a very gratifying process. I get to see into people's worlds and learn the story about them and their businesses.

In my free time I like adventurous travel, of which some of these adventures I've shared on the blogpage. Like that time I cycled from Malawi to Namibia.
I am also a enthousiastic foodie with a special love for the chocolate world. Last year I have spend time at a cocoa plantation in Tanzania, where I got to see the fruit of the Gods. I had brought some chocolate along for the people working at the plantations so they could see what happens with their beautiful beans. Can you believe they had never seen chocolate before?

Please be in touch if you want to learn more about me! Go to the contactpage.

Gunbritt Genuit | GGraphics