Alicia Min Harvie

Bread & butter work

This February I moved to Australia. The first time I was going to live in another country. I had travelled a fair bit, but always moved on after a few nights, chasing new attractions, sights, highlights. This time I would be moving into a room at the house of friends of friends and stay at the same place for at least the next 6 months. A new city on the other side of the world where I didn’t have any contacts. All I knew about the couple that I was moving in with, is that they moved to the Gold Coast 1,5 years ago for his job at Griffith University and that she was a professional dancer and ran her own business at the same time. Wow.

Lucky me that these friends of my friends were the loveliest people ever. I arrived at the house during the day and my new roomies, Daniel & Alicia, were at work. They did however leave me a treasure hunt through handwritten notes in the house showing me which room was mine, where the kitchen was and ended at the treats they had left me in the fridge. My first introduction to Alicia Min Harvie, someone who has inspired me and has helped me start this new life on the other side of the planet.

About Alicia
Alicia is an independent contemporary dance performer and maker. This is what she studied for and where her biggest passion lies. A creative personality with a bright mind for business.
One of my favourite projects of hers was “Quiet by Nature”, a night time performance viewed from kayaks. The audience paddled along the river and passed a series of creatures (the dancers) performing on the pontoons. 

Dance project
Quiet by nature
Quiet by nature

The other job
Most artists don’t have projects on full-time, so a supporting job is needed. But instead of working in a cafe, Alicia decided she’d much rather do something else that she really enjoys. Something that combines well with her art projects and even supports the dance carreer. And so she started the first Aleenta Barre Studio of Queensland, a fitness studio originally designed for ballerinas, but with yoga and pilatus influences. Besides running multiple classes a day, she does the local marketing and comes up with some very original – clientele boosting – events. For example she teamed up with a few of Gold Coast’s finest caf├ęs and created the event “Bar(re)Ista Hop”. A Barre work-out at the beach with a coffee date after class. Cafes maybe not being the most obvious partner to team up with, but through them she reached lots of new people within their shared target audience.

Besides her smart and fun marketing tricks, I learned from her amazing focus on making her dream happen. To have that carreer in the contemporary arts without having to compromise. She created a job for herself where she gets energy from and even her daily work-out!

If you’re an entrepeneur, just started for yourself, it’s very unlikely that you’ll get a fulltime income out of your job. It’s really all about where you focus your daily batch of energy and if you’re able to create a situation for yourself that actually contributes to that dream.

Click here to check out the website of the Aleenta Barre Studio.

Barre at the beach
Quiet by nature