GGraphics is a one-woman design bureau founded over 10 years ago by Gunbritt Genuit, (you can call me ‘G’). Originally from Amsterdam, I’ve lived all over the world and have seen my fair share of global economic and environmental imbalance.


Through my work as a freelance graphic designer I support the changemakers out there. The sustainable, humanitarian and green organisations that strive to build a better future for our planet.


I specialize in two things: branding and content creation.

Content that can be combined with a lead generation campaign.

Through the use of brochures, infographics or a tips & tools list we attract the right audience and generate leads via a landingspage.


Together with attractive, goal focussed design I support my clients with a follow-up strategy, often an email campaign, that turns leads into volunteers, contributors or clients.

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Gunbritt Genuit - Freelance Graphic Designer